What does a pet visit entail?

Whatever you ask of us!  We cater exclusively to your dog or cat.  You let us know how we can make the most of our visit with your fur-baby and that’s exactly what we will do.  Potty break, feed, clean the litter, re-replenish water, belly rubs, a little ball play- always followed by a detailed care note so you can come home and relax after a long day :)

Do you care exclusively to my pet?

YES we do!  We do not bring other clients pets to these visits.  They are tailored to YOU and your PETS needs.  You let us know exactly how we can make the most of our visits and look forward to a pet photo via email or text with a little note upon your return.

How long is a pet visit?

Approx. 30 minutes.  We’ll take care of all your pets needs during each visit.  For the most part visits take between 20-40 minutes- but we’re not there to watch the clock… SO if for whatever reason we feel your baby could use a little extra TLC one visit, that’s exactly what we’ll do!