Do you transport dogs by vehicle?

For our regular day-to-day dog walking services, we do not transport dogs by vehicle.  Your dog will be picked up and dropped off by foot.  If you have requested to use our -Doggie Chauffeur Service- for in our home care; depending on time and location your dog may be picked up and dropped off by foot or by vehicle.  We do NOT under any circumstances leave your dog(s) unattended in a hot vehicle, while in our care.  Your dogs safety will always be our #1 priority!

Are you Pet First Aid Certified?

We sure are!  Yaletown Puppy Love is certified with Walks ‘N’ Wags Pet First Aid – Canada’s longest standing Pet First Aid Program.  Knowing what to do in the initial moments can be critical to your pets’ life.  It is very important to us we are prepared and equipped to handle any emergency.

Are you Licensed, Bonded and Insured?

YES – we are Licensed, Fully Bonded and Insured! Believe it or not, this is the least asked question. Surprising, isn’t it?! We highly recommend, whoever you choose for your pet care needs, always ask this question. You want that piece of mind knowing, should anything happened, the business you hire is equipped to handle any situation.

Do you walk dogs in the rain and snow?

Absolutely!  We walk rain or shine :)  Our mid-day dog walks are Monday through Friday regardless of what the weather holds.  Included with each walk – pick up and drop off right to your home or office and a good rub-down on those not so nice days.  After all… it is Vancouver!

Will my dog be walked off leash?

No, we do not walk dogs off leash.  We only provide on-leash group dog walks.  We can’t control the unexpected (and dogs will be dogs!) and to ensure the safety of all the dogs in our care we keep them leashed and attended at all times.

How many dogs do you walk in a pack?

Our regular group walks have 5-6 doggies per group; similar temperaments, compatible and walk well together.  Most dogs do very well in a group setting- they love the added socialization and always look forward to seeing their fur-friends.  That said, we very much tailor to your dogs needs and re-assess each group should we feel a dog is not a good fit.

Do you require my dog to be licensed with the City?

Every dog is required to have two tags attached to their collar, while in the care of Yaletown Puppy Love.  #1 a basic identification tag with your dogs name and your contact number.  #2 a valid City license tag.  The City of Vancouver requires all dogs be licensed after 3 months of age- the registration process is very easy.  You can buy or renew your dogs’ license at:

What is your cancellation policy?

Unforeseen circumstances do come up from time to time, however, because space is limited and we often have a waiting list, in the event you do need to change or cancel a dog walk, we ask for at least 24 hours advance notice.  This allows us to adjust our schedule and offer the time slot to another pooch. vA full fee for service applies with less than 24 hours notice – as well in the event we show up for a scheduled walk and your dog is not at home, or unable to join their walk.

Are there any restrictions on breeds or size of dogs you accept?

We specialize in small breed dog walking & pet sitting, any breed or age as long as your dog is friendly.  We do not accept dogs that are overly aggressive since we need to ensure the safety of the other dogs in our care.

I have a puppy that can't be around other dogs, what are my options?

Private walks are available upon request, depending on availability.  For puppies who have not yet completed their 3rd or equivalent set of shots, or perhaps need a slower integration into a group setting- we always do our best to accommodate.  It’s important to keep in mind your puppy will have immunity and protection from it’s mom at birth, and not completely unprotected at this time.  While it is important to be extra cautious staying away from the yuckies, contaminated water, etc., it is still important your puppy is exposed to other dogs and the environment while building up it’s own immunity to fight off bad viruses.